Annette Williams

Donna Freeling-Blackburn

Assistant Treasurer

Sharon Coleman
Financial Secretary

Constance Barron Wilson

Assistant Financial Secretary

In addition to promoting educational excellence and leadership, the foundation also supports health and wellness initiatives and provides security and stability for families in need. With compassionate hearts and determined tenacity, we remain focused on our mission to serve underprivileged women and children in the metroplex.

I sincerely hope that you will learn how our members create positive changes in lives, award educational scholarships, and provide services to our communities.

We thank you for visiting the Ivy and Pearl Foundation website.

Marian A. Willard. President

Welcome to the Ivy and Pearl Foundation of Dallas!

I am humbled and honored to serve as President of The Ivy and Pearl Foundation of Dallas and its 920 members. From the foundation’s inception in 1969 and during the past 47 years, it has experienced tremendous growth and expanded its scope of service and giving.  It is steeped in a history of support for students in the Dallas metroplex who pursue higher education by providing educational-focused funding and scholarships.


Board of Directors

Marian A. Willard

Alicia Grinage
Vice President

Debra Hopson

Jacqueline Vaughn
Assistant Secretary

Board Members
RoseMary Bolden

Beverly Calhoun

Verna Farmer
Lachon Jacobs

Velena McRae

Sheri Hayes

Denezer Smith


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